The Virginia Homestead is Real

We are extremely excited to announce that, with God’s provision and timing, we’ve closed on the purchase of the Virginia Homestead! On Monday, February 10th, Rose and I signed the papers on our tract of land east of Charlottesville, VA, and just south of the Historic Village of Palmyra, Virginia. The 44-acre property is mostly wooded with three large fields, and sits with over 700 feet of riverfront along the Rivanna River in Fluvanna County. For the six of us, it’s a little piece of heaven in the rural, rolling countryside of Virginia. We can’t wait to share our story of turning this raw land into the Virginia Homestead and enjoying this blessing with all of you.


Rob is a conservative, Christian, American, father and husband, who loves his part in building the Virginia Homestead.

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  • Yay!!! You have always said you wanted a place where your girls could run. Guess what???!!!?? The girls definitely can run til they need a nap. I know when it is all said and done you will truly have the homestead you desire. Can’t wait to visit!!

  • Way to go, guys! God is good. I can’t wait to read more about your adventures and see the progress. Missing you here in NoVA.

  • We all know this is just part of a very elaborate ruse for why you can’t meet up on Saturday.

    On a more serious note, I have about a million questions I need to ask you. We might be building something soon as well.

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