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February 2015


First Real Snow at the Homestead

February 17, 2015

After morning solo walks, Rose and I each with cameras in hand… we hurried to get homeschool done in the¬†morning, and I managed to clear a couple hours in the late afternoon work schedule to get outside and enjoy the first REAL snow since we moved to the homestead.


Fluvanna County Map (1863)

February 12, 2015

08/1863 - Map - Fluvanna CountyFor any locals who might be interested or fellow history nerds like me – I’ve started doing some digging into the local history of the area around Rosedale. I came across this pretty amazing, high-resolution scanned map at the Library of Congress of Fluvanna County. It was completed by the Confederate Engineer Bureau at the height of the Civil War (August 1863) and has a remarkable level of detail. (make sure you click on it, so you can zoom in)

I’m going to be adding a reference section on the site soon where I’ll keep all this kind of thing when I find it – for those of you who want to follow along at home.