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October 2014

Final Score: Rock 1, Tractor 0

20141020-01-0025-00A couple weeks ago, I made the mistake of telling Rose about how a weird side of me dreams about the day when I’ll be laying on my back under a tractor, bloody knuckled, trying to get a stubborn nut to come free. It’s an image of a simpler life where hard work and fresh air replace the day to day challenges of suburbia.

Well, baby, I’m livin’ the dream. (or at least I was this past Saturday)

Do you know what you get to do when you run over a softball sized rock with a lawn tractor? Replace ALL the blades. 20141020-01-0026-00

Mike Rowe on Education


Mike Rowe seems to have the ability to put into words things that seem quite simple, but are often difficult to say. It might be the long, successful career in narration, but I just like hearing this point of view spoken with confidence…