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A Fresh Start


Our FORMER web hosting company didn’t keep the security patches up to date on our server, and as a result it was hacked – and our site destroyed.

Our NEW hosting company is awesome, and I hope to have a fresh start to the Virginia Homestead online soon.

As I get the site back online, slowly but surely I’ll try to recreate some of the old posts… so stay tuned.

All the best, Rob

Final Score: Rock 1, Tractor 0

20141020-01-0025-00A couple weeks ago, I made the mistake of telling Rose about how a weird side of me dreams about the day when I’ll be laying on my back under a tractor, bloody knuckled, trying to get a stubborn nut to come free. It’s an image of a simpler life where hard work and fresh air replace the day to day challenges of suburbia.

Well, baby, I’m livin’ the dream. (or at least I was this past Saturday)

Do you know what you get to do when you run over a softball sized rock with a lawn tractor? Replace ALL the blades. 20141020-01-0026-00

The Homestead Has a Name


Since we bought the homestead, I have been affectionately referring to it as “Skyfall” (James Bond’s boyhood home) in hopes that this name would stick and I would be able to imagine myself as 007. Alas, after watching numerous friends and family roll their eyes at me, and ultimately, Rose’s all-powerful veto, “Skyfall” was struck from the running. This led to many months of searching for the perfect name. On a recent car ride, after I had shot down many of Rose’s suggestions, she proposed “Rosedale”, quickly following up with “You know, back in medieval times, knights would often name their castles after their ladies…Just sayin’ ”

Well played Mrs. Jones… Well played…

So without further ado, the Virginia Homestead’s official name is