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Youth Hunting Weekend

This past weekend was Youth Deer Hunting Weekend here in Virginia. My amazing 8-year-old dropped her first deer from 70-yards with her Savage Axis XP 243 after patiently waiting with it in her sights for over 2 minutes until she had just the shot she wanted. Then she helped me dress it out and put it in the freezer! Needless to say, I’m one proud papa!

Deer Season (Firearms), Opening Day 2015

IMG_3397-0It was cold for Virginia as I woke up before the sun this morning. Went through all of the normal routine getting ready for a day of hunting, except today, by her choice, I had one of my daughters at my side for the first time. It would have been nice to get a buck today (which I did not), but as far as I’m concerned, today was just about perfect!


Deer Season Comes to an End

20141223-01-0005-00Well, I now understand what all the fuss is about. For many years, a number of my good friends have been obsessed with hunting season. As someone who loves shooting, I thought I might enjoy it, but didn’t realize just how much fun it was! For those of you who didn’t get to see my first deer on Facebook, here she is. Many thanks to my local buddy, Josiah, for helping me not only dress her out but also butcher her. We’ve got tons of fresh venison in the freezer for anyone that wants to come over for dinner.

In a considerably less fun deer experience, I got to deal with a doe a couple days after the season ended. To be clear, I got to drag the large roadkill’d doe into the woods off of the highway in front of our place…